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Hello everyone!

As you guys probably have already noticed from website, my name is Joseph Tey, (AKA Joe), and in this page I will be sharing with you guys about who I am. I’m 12 years old at the moment, born on the 18th of March and have a huge passion for Technology. Along with that, my other interests include music, magic, coding, programming and I especially love technology. Everything I do except for music, is all independently learnt.

I’m a keen user of Adobe After Effects, a simple but advanced editing/FX program, which I use to do special effects and edit my youtube videos. I also make intros, and sometimes make them for my youtube friends. Not only do i love video editing, but I also love photoshop, and playing around with the amazing features it holds. In fact, Photoshop was the first software I ever got into.

When i’m not playing music, doing magic or editing, then i’m designing my website. I own two main websites, Joe’s Academy and Joe’s Mastery. This website (Joe’s Academy) is mainly for the Youtube tutorials I record for people to watch. Joe’s Mastery is a portfolio and profile of myself, as I blog, feature and share different aspects of my hobbies. The websites i created are fully coded by me, and I use WordPress as a system for the themes I create.I am also fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and I fully enjoy coding, and programming.

I really hope you enjoy our website, as alot of hours, days of hard work, was put in to this website.

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